Skywards: Trivandrum Goes Vertical

Trivandrum-goes-verticalHave you ever tried to imagine how our city will look like, a quarter of a century from now?

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about Global Warming and sea level change, so don’t close this browser window. Visualize yourself driving through the NH Bypass on a nice afternoon in 2035 Christmas week, crossing the Akkulam lake. Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

I’m talking about the prodigious highrise boom witnessed in Trivandrum now-a-days… ;)

Saraswathi Nilayam, when topped out in the virgin 80s must’ve definitely created a huge interest. Though a 10 storied apartment complex is too humble to be classified a ‘highrise’, (Emporis laysout a figure of 12 floors/35m for a highrise) it must surely have made some old jaws drop. So did the Spencer Building on MG road, even now a class apart when it comes to design. In fact Samarias Centerin PMG was among the first true highrises, crossing that 35m mark. It had a congruous neighbour in Co Bank Towers, a true highrise with a trendy architecture and novel features like the escalator. Hotel Fort Manor in East Fort, the SCTIMST(Sree Chitra Hospital) and co which were early lamp-bearers of the highrise culture.

Surely we all can recognize these august landmarks of erstwhile Trivandrum.

High Rise Buildings In Trivandrum

The apartment culture, which evaded the city and suburbs in recent times, has pushed the limits to a different level. Trivandrum’s peculiar geography and proximity of the International Airport meant that highrise construction within the core city areas had severe height restrictions. As you may have observed, the array of commercial structures opposite Secretariat have topped out at exactly the same height. The Kowdiar-Vazhuthacaud belt did create a slew of tall residential buildings, with SI’s Windbrook Place (17 floors) holding the ‘gigantism’ record for a while.

With the apartments dotting the city like Pine trees in a conifer forest, Trivandrum started checking the options to crack its population density problem.  With the urban land costing a premium,  20+ storied structures, well over 60m height became a norm especially along the IT Corridor.

The only hinderance to the city ushering in true skyscrapers towering over 100m, was the proximity to the Airport but things have changed at the stroke of a pen. The AAI (Airport Authority of India) waived the limitations vis a vis heights a few months back, and it means that structures can zoom upto 3 times the heights permitted earlier!New High Rises In Trivandrum

In plain words, close to/over 50 floors is now possible even along the Akkulam shores! Difficult to believe? We already have  36 floor multiple towers under construction in Akkulam. And still taller ones are on the drawing board, so let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed!

What we now need is our authorities rising upto the challenge and upgrade the infrastructure crucial to promote this model of highrise development. And going skywards is definitely going to be the one option for the future, if we are looking at the ‘green’ aspect of it  :)

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  1. Good one, Scorpio!

  2. Yes. Good research!!

  3. I would prefer a horizontally bigger and ‘planned’ city with a good network of broad roads to a vertical one in lesser area. High rises would mean more number of people and vehicles in whatever small roads we have. Chennai (horizontal) Vs Mumbai (vertical) is an interesting comparison, with Chennai being a much lesser congested city

    • AB@AB Group /

      chennai has horizontal development because Barren land is available there. where as in mumbai or in our own trivandrum we don’t have any land left.

  4. I prefer a vertical city with better infrastructure. :) A horizontal one will require eat more energy and spits more pollution. Ofcourse a vertical city will need better roads, better sewage and water system. But it will take up only a very little land space, and in turn save some forest/agricultural land.

  5. AB@AB Group /

    It is always better to focus on vertical development on a city like trivandrum. Because you can save land and thus can efficiently utilize our land. For example. the heera 4 pillars on Killipalam consists of 545 apartments. And you can see all of them concentrated on a smaller area. Imagine all these 545 families moving out to independent villas….It leads to a huge loss of green spaces and poor utilization of land.
    So vertical development should be given more promotion. I expect home grown builders to build taller buildings.I expect at least 10 50plus storied buildings within 5 years.

  6. AB@AB Group /

    I’m glad that that stupid kochi cant grow taller like Trivandrum. As you all know it was actually a swamp reclaimed into a city. So taller buildings means soil liquification will take place faster so there are more chances for buildings to get sunk in the soil. Also according to seismographic studies the maximum intensity of earthquake that could happen in kochi is 6.3 while in Trivandrum is 3.4 . So our city is more safer for tall buildings.

    • Could you give some more info on that Seismic data? All Kerala districts fall under the Seismic Zone III, and its interesting to know more about this info you’ve posted. Any pan-India information? Please give the source if possible. Thanks :)

    • Yes. I would like to see some credible source on that information. And please avoid swearing words in comments.

    • Yahya /

      It is the money from this stupid Kochi which feeds all those fat corrupts govt officials which forms the main income group of your city :-) You are welcome to check our state govt’s revenue report… That said I agree Kochi does not have planned development… Kochi has grown just because of private investment and that is it… Govt other than collecting money from this growth has not been keen to spend any money or thought on how to plan and develop this city which could have become a show case for our state… Now due to the disconnect between Govt and people, our state does not have a major city like Bangalore or Chennai which can be shown to other states … Govt invests in one place and people invests in other places … Technopark was the first IT park in India but failed before other IT parks which came later because even people from Kerala was not connected properly with Technopark… Similary the first international airport of our state …

      • Cochin guy here /

        I’m a Cochin guy and I love Trivandrum guys,Calicut guys and Thrissur guys.Why do you hate Cochin mate?We are Keralites.We should love each other.You should feel happy if Cochin or any other city in Kerala is becoming more advanced.There won’t be Mumbai or Delhi in the future.There will be Cochin and Trivandrum.How is that?

        ” our state does not have a major city like Bangalore or Chennai which can be shown to other states ”

        An educated Keralite shouldn’t say this.Have you ever been to Bangalore?Believe me,Bangalore is not even as developed as a remote place in Cochin.Bangalore is bigger by area.That’s it.Even the developed parts are underdeveloped than parts of Cochin.Roads are way better though but most cities have roads better than Kerala but we should also remember they lack village network.Have you traveled to other places in Karnataka.Compare it with places in Kerala and you’ll see the difference.We have an HDI more than most western countries.

        There has been a news about Cochin being a metro city.I hope all Keralites support it and believe me guys,it might be bigger than Mumbai by area.Isn’t it great?

        • Spearhead /

          Man.. Your comment remind me of the backstabbing pimp in ‘The Game of Thrones’. And you certainly know why!

    • COCHIN /

      At present kochi is more taller than tvm..kochi is commercial capital of kerala,which brings money to kerala..

    • Developer /

      I cant understand this guy.. it seemz he ve seen trivandrum only….
      LOL… ur so old folk

  7. @Kochi /

    @ AB@AB Group – “I’m glad that that stupid kochi cant grow taller like Trivandrum”.

    Get your facts straight before making dumb comments. Kochi has far more taller high rises than Trivandrum. The current tallest one is Choice Residential Towers (40+). And it was not a swamp, but Vembanad lake which was reclaimed to build Marine Drive. And there is no dearth of high rises on Marine Drive.

    Yes Kochi was a small town back in the days, but the rate @ which it has grown over the last couple of decades is something Trivandrum can never match.

    • Aravind /

      @Kochi yes we all know how much Kochi developed in a short span of time and belive me nobody interested that kinda change here.Trivandrum compared to Kochi is much more better organized and systematic.So what the kind of planned development happening here is what we r proud of.Jst take the case of Delhi and Mumbai.kochi is morelike mumbai with development going with no change in basic facilities.Well fact is not always dump.trivandrum will be the place where u can say BEAUTY meets QUALITY :D

  8. Hi all,

    The mention of Trivandrum 2035 made me drop into this blog.I’m an architect from Trivandrum now practising in Bangalore.

    Recently I had taken part in an international design competition for a city of the future ( the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain( entry titled “A vision for Trivandrum 2035 AD” was one among the finalist projects selected to be published in their competition based book.

    It is a futuristic design for Trivandrum integrating some of the latest technological innovations to produce a sustainable habitat of the future. I’d like to share it with you all. The competition entry panels are posted in my website Here’s link to that page (

    Thanks and regards,

    Jos Conil

  9. Hari /

    How could you forget the nearly 40-year old Kulathinkal Pothen building (I remember it used to have about 10 storeys) that used to be between Secretariat and GPO? It was demolished last year as part of the widening of MG Road. It was the first high-rise in the city and was the first ever to have elevators. The owner Mr Pothen was the father of Harry Pothen (movie producer) and Pratap Pothen (actor).

  10. With this web page publish you might have guide me to uncover the facts which I need to get additional information. Thank you for that!

  11. Any 50 storeyed buildings for TVM yet ?

    • Can some one reply ?

      • Indian /

        50!! Tvm has not seen even 25 until now. Though few are in the early stage of construction.

        • Ar. Vishwanathan /

          now under construction
          1.HEERA dreams AT AKULAM -36 FLOORS(2towers
          4. 23 STORIED Big-I near techno park & hordes of 20+ storied buildings.
          few of the completed high rises
          2.skyline domain 22 floors
          3.heera info city 18 floors
          4. heera swiss town 18 floors
          5. oceanus blue mount 19 floors
          6. SFS skyscapes- 18 floors
          7.Heera high life – 19 floors
          8. sfs cybergold 22 floors
          9. sfs waterscapes 18 floors
          10.artech lake view 20 floors

          the total no. of high rises(+12 floor)in Trivandrum is nearly 250 nos.

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  14. his is so wonderful that I had to comment. I’m in most cases just a lurker, taking in expertise and nodding my head in quiet approval at the fine stuff…..this necessary written props. Theory rocks…thanks.

  15. Trivandrum is going to have highrises but they are still a long way behind Kochi . This situation has come because Trivandrum was a little stagnant for a few years and Kochi has overtaken Trivandrum and since that, Kochi has been flying with development. Kochi has already a 40,35 & a 28 floored buildings and many of the buildings under construction are all above 30 floors!. many are even 40!. Here, Tvm has only 10 to 20 floored buildings which is a little disappointing. Kochi has a beehive of malls already ,and about 12 malls are under construction!. I may be proven wrong, but I have not heard any malls even under cnstruction in TVM . If Tvm had developed earlier, it would have been at least equal to Kochi which is now one of the best in India!. I was living in TVM for about 2 years and to be honest, I didn’t see too many tall buildings at all.

  16. kanzz /

    plzz dont compare trivandrum with kochi .. itz a shame for a cosmopolitan fast grwoing city like kochi . Are you guys comparing Kochi and trivandrum just because both are in kerala..??? TVM can be compared with calicut , mangalore , Trissur , Madurai etc not even with coimbatore.. ochi is tooo high for trivandrum to catch .. dont dream of catching moon my dear child.. compare with cities within your limit. lol

    • SAM /

      KANZZ you r right . kochi is the city with highest rating ie b1 grade in kerala. while tvm is much behind it. kochi has the best transporting facilities with 3 national highways,keralas bussiest airport, major shipport with indias 1st and only international container terminal etc..

      In case of shoping malls also kochi is best with oberonmall and lulumall under construction, which will be one of the largest malls of india…

      • Spearhead /

        Kochi-B1.. its because of the port! Let TVM have its proposed port… then lets call it even.
        And hello?!!.. Kochi best transportation facilities? we all knw that the metro is gonna be a wreak! and NHs pass through a lot of barren land too(dnt bring up such nonsense).the airport is not in Kochi, hence the proposed metro is too long. And remember Vizhinjam is more naturally suited than Kochi for a port.
        And u can have the shopping malls… I can think of any advantage of having one!

    • Developer /

      gr8… UA post answers this whol thing…
      i was also astonished seeing peopl comaparing a mere city wth cochin….
      and comparing vertical growth of tvm wth cochin is juzz bullshit… itz better to cmpare tvm wth smother cities in kerala… cochin is no way cachable in any near future fr other kerala cities

  17. kanzz /

    Not at all Oberon and Lulu Sam number of malls r there one coming up near kavitha theatre in MG Road is 4 times bigger than oberon ..also a multiplex with 9 screens will be there , plus existing Gold souk , Nuclear mall etc etc .not at all in Trivandrum no where in kerala we”l be able to see real malls other than Kochi .Some shopping complexes like our old penta menaka and GCDA complex is coming up in Trivandrum and other places in the name of malls!!! Kochi Rocks…

    • Govind R Nair /

      Excuse me…U say “KOCHI ROCKS”???? plz tight u r screw man!!! I have been to all major cities in india. I was in New Jersey for 5 years n i often go to newyork too. AND SO I KNW BETTER THAN U..i say trivandrum is much better than kochi. What trivandrum lacks is just entertainment. And the present government bring big projects to kochi and small projects to Trivandrum. So the government knows to make everything out from Trivandrum(as it is the capital city) and then directly gives everything to kochi..huh…???.the area belongs to the people of Trivandrum district. if the entire people of the district protest obviously the capital will be changed. the city gets mainly destroyed just becoz of the devil “POLITICS”…(.plz…”KOCHI” is nt u r plce name..ITS ERNAKULAM…its jst the mattacherry , fortkochi and the other parts u say kochi..the rest is ernakulam city and u guys made it kochi. In tht way we too can call other names for our own cities.)…ernakulam is jst a step ahead of trivandrum only bcoz of the cochin port. THE VIZHINJAM PORT which is 10 times larger than urs can bring trivandrum to comes. Investors come. WE CAN BE THE STAR TOO IN THE STATE….. majority of tourist comes to Trivandrum. Why ??? bcoz they lik the place. I’m not saying ernakulam has no beauty. Every place in this earth has beauty. And Listen, I’M NOT IN FOR A FIGHT WITH U. LET us separate in gud terms. AND FOR all those who commented and those who are going to comment, plz note, no city is ahead of another. ERNAKULAM IS NOT BETTER THAN TRIVANDRUM and TRIVANDRUM IS NOT BETTER THAN ERNAKULAM. Frankly speaking, I just lost my temper when most of them comment against Trivandrum. Both cities has its own drawbacks. Years back Trivandrum was considered one of the major cities in india. u knw tht??? And now its ernakulam. See, we never knw what will happen in future. Sometimes, Trivandrum may regain its earlier position or sometimes u will see Calicut/Trissur/ Kollam,/Kannur to be one of the major cities. I wish both cities gud luck

  18. kanzz /

    MR GOVIND R NAIR dont bluf fman. u saying that u r from New Jersey??? and you are sending such an idiotic commend?? from your commend we got an impression like you have not even gone out of Trivandrum border.. valla neyyarintem adutholle thani nattumborathu ninnu ezhuthi vidunnathu kandille.. IF not you should be a blind man.. or a person who have no sense .Nobody with a real world knowledge will flash a real idiotic commend like this.. you should be avoided rather than replying .. bye

    • Spearhead /

      I dont find anything idiotic in what GOVIND typed… he just over reacted. Just like you.

  19. Govind R Nair /

    “CAN!!” i hope u hav gone to skool?? Its jst ok..eng ariyathathu ragya droha kuttamonnumalla. N i dont need to prove a dum guy lyk u tht i ws in NJ. HuH! even the times of india referred trivandrum is much better than u r “KOCHI”. do u expct to compare kochi with banglore or hyderbd. u Nuts!!! r smething?? kochi cn only be compared with cites lyk coimbatore, madurai, trivandrum, kozhikode , manglore r vishkptnam. First of all undrstand the meaning of the word “Development!!”. It dozent mean tall buildings or Malls. Developments should cme up within ur mind. Thnk logically. And u guys really dont have a thing called “COMMONSENSE”. :P

  20. Well Mr GIvind R Nair, so Trivandrum’s development is coming from you r mind?? and its in your mind only Trivandrum is developing , not in reality.After six months kochi will be officially declared as 4th metropolitan city in south india.Its only a 1st step towards growing towards one of the top four cities in India.Your Trivandrum can’t even compare with coimbatore, mangalore and vishag.Please dont underestimate those cities. They are much more develpoed and huge potential cities to be developed more.’n You are still seeing Kochi at this line and cannot be compared with Hysderabad and b’lore??. Thats why i think you are a crap.Americayil ayathu kondarikkum evede nadakkunnathonnum ariyunnille??.eppozum ellaypozhum ithu thanne parayanam .You just wait and watch my dear friend.Americayil poyathu kondu karyam illa manassilakkanulla vivekam venam .. athanu thanikku illathathu…

    • Spearhead /

      Actually, Coimbatore is larger by area, population and economic output than Kochi too(just try wiki man). Kochi can be the 4th largest UA(term ‘UA’ is different from ‘city’). Talking ’bout ‘vivekam’, what GOVIND said was right development should start from the mind.. Without mental maturity, people are close-minded just like you!
      I enjoy spending Kochi once in a while… and no creativity man… maybe thats why most bands, artists etc. are based in TVM… N entertainment in kochi is atleast twice as expensive as any place in kerala.
      And do you really thing shopping malls are signs of development?!

  21. Dear Mr Spearhhead or whatever it is.. You are saying that in kochi there is no creativity?? and you seeing the sme in Trivandrum? if you really need creativity in that sense you can go to Trissur.. it’ll clearly outbeat Trivandrum in any case in that sense.If you say that if a city is expensive then its no more woth to be called a good city then i think you like mangalore more than bangalore , coimbatore more than Chennai etc need to understand one thing as per government approved city limit kochi limit(corporation limit) has not been extended since 1990.Coimbatore city limit is around 5 times of Kochi.Because of cheap politics kochi corporation limit is still the same.Can you ever think that maradu,, kakkanadu, kalamasserry including the place where lulu mall i situated are all municipalities?Trivandrum is a glorified village in the sense all the adjascent villages like kovalam, valiyathura and all joined together to be called as a city and termed as a largest city.ITs all rubbish.Kochi UA means its all highly urbanised places and to be joined in the corporation and still d’nt.Pinne creativity ilalthathukondanallo churungiya kalam kondu kochi keralathinte film capital ayathu.Pinne bands . All western track bands and fusion are based in Kochi only.If you dont know try to learn more about Kochi and kerala.Artists were based in Trivandrum because there were lots opf developments in that sense from Government side like nishagandhi,, KSIDC theatres etc , atrs college and all were started in TVM in the early 80′s .But now things had changed. Kochi has naturally turned out to be the capital of performers.sTOREY HAS CHANGED MAN. Dont sit in 80s, and early 90s. Your thoughts are miles befre where we actually stands!!!

    • Kannzz…. u and me agree on one thing, the rate of development in kochi is substantialy higher than the rate at TVM. And yes, i do like kochi and am proud of it lyk any Kochikaran.. But, the certainly what worries me and many other TVMites is the fact that TVM has been consistently ignored for atleast a couple of decade now by the state and the central govt, and upon it the projects proposed within the city are being pulled away…
      The IIT(proposed for Kerala at TVM) is the best example of regional politics which led to the state loosing the same, although the centre was firm on its decision…
      And now on the statements, although I do appreciate the mentality of Kochikar towards then upliftment of Kochi, I will have to condem their attitude of looking down on others.
      The creativity in TVM, is definitly due to the youth that do come to the city to persue their higher education… studying at these educational institutes are cheap and definitely students from all over Kerala are in them not just TVM.
      As you said in the 80s and the 90s, cultural and artistic youth peaked in the city, and the trend continues even now, the western bands are many in TVM, but members of these bands are from various parts of the country, not just TVM, these bands are based in TVM, because the mob here has a certain level of acceptance which I rarely find in other places… Avial, Motherjane. The Kerala film festival, Soorya festival and many more man…
      And yes, Kochi had its proud moment “The Kochi Biennale” this year, but at what cost?? After the event the state govt had to provide an aditional 4 crore to cover up the loses. And you thing this is because Kochi supported creativity there?
      And the very notion that every development or event in TVM is supported by the govt itself is wrong… TVM suffered after independence and is still suffering as the govts that come to power always feel that TVM has plenty already.
      The city limits- did you even know that techopark is outside the city limits of TVM, we suffer the same corporation expansion problems as Kochi.. Infact, 2003 years back corporation area was diluted breaking away some area from the corporation. And also an other corporation was proposed at Kazhakuttom. And do you think that is acceptable. Political limitations or not, i think Coimbatore developed mainly due to the revenue generated by the textile industry there… And people there toil harder to make that extra, unlike us mallus who seek easy money. If people of any town in Kerala had such an attitude, it might have been awesome. And Kannzz, I do like Coimbatore better than Chennai, though I lived have my life at Chennai.
      And about UA Kochi is certainly a large UA.. But, there are even larger UAs in the country. And UAs are called so because the area arounds development is based on the city.. Delhi’s UA streches into neighbouring states, but its absurd to say that they must be merged to the Delhi city. And the population of Kochi UA is near 2 million.. whereas the population of Chennai and Banglore city alone exceeds 4 million(let alone their UA)…
      That is why we feel that Kochi is being over estimated. When the Ministry of Urban Development refused to fund Kochi Metro(because metro can be profitable only if it operates in a area of more than 4 million pop.).. remember that it was only rest of Kerala that supported the claim, infact this years state budget had to sacrifice money alloted for other schemes to be channeled into the project.
      About the film capital… past TVM, then came Kochi.. now more movies are shot in Calicut, Thalasherry region… and i dont think shooting a movie at a place has any relevance to creaitivity… By the way, i dont see you you termed Thrissur more creative than TVM. I persume that u did not understand the idea of being entertained creatively. But in the end, your idea of creativity may be what makes TVM appear unappealing to you.. And I honestly do respect your opinion. And I dont say that TVM is awesome than Kochi, but I cant stand it when TVM is being undermined.. Both are different experience all together.

      • See Mr Spearhead keeping in mind all the facts which you said, I need to disagree with all respects to you in the sense TVM has been ignored and Kochi has been promoted by the government.Kochi has’nt been promoted by government in any sense till late 90′s.I’v been a Kochi youth grown up hearing all state budgets filling full of Trivandrum names and new institutions and funds alloted to the specified region. I termed film capital as Kochi, as ll the filmmakers and artists started migrating towards Kochi since 2004-2005. Now you can see whatever events happen related to their apex institution called AMMA, Kochi will be its central location.Kochi now is the undisputed MUMBAI for mollywood without a single penny investment from government.Koch iis the only major city in kerala where government does’nt have a theatre of its own.Even Calicut,Trissur have theatres of government investment other than offcourse your ignored Trivandrum who have around 3-4 numbers.Do you ever thought of our unfortunate Kochi who does’nt even have a government medical college.In this budget Mr Mani had announced a second medical college for Trivandrum, why they ignoring Kochi regarding government direct investments in infrastructure?? did you ever thought of that?

        Yes nowadays governments attitiude especially centres has been changed.Because Kochi region has been emerged as one of the very important zones in terms of commercial activity, development and national security.The vast chances of development of Kochi and the amount of foreign money earned and tax which is paid by Kochi has off course attracted center and started treating Kochi as one of their prime cities to allot funds in developing infrastructure and other means.I dint see any significant change in state government’s attitude because being such a vibrant city and kerala’s 60% revenue generating U/A it does’nt even have a fly over and government is still searching for fund to buid one.Heard that some fund has been alloted to edappally LULU mall, thanks to Mr Yousafali.

        The only thing I need to say to you ‘n all people who supports Trivandrum is that we Kochiites especially I like Trivandrum as it is the seat of Lord Padmanabha and me being a devotee of lord Krishna off course i love that holy land.Every era there will be some cities emerge and might take over some and become superior.Now I think its Kochi’s era,modern vibrant city which all malayalees can be proud of, and we should back up Kochi in all sense as it has been emerged by its own and making a mark in country’s economic growth.Malayali from each and every nook and corner coming to Kochi nowadays for one or other purposes.They all are attached to this city because of its proximity and growth opportunities.Dont think that Trivandrum is being ignored.Nobody can ignore any place and Kochi is the living example and answer for all those which has been emerged like a phoenix bird from the ashes of ignorance.If Trivandrum has the potential it will reemerge and will give a strict competition for Kochi.But dont expect in this globalised world that somebody will help you if you dont have the potential.One thing for sure Trivandrum will not face much ignorance from the government part as Kochi faced before 2000 as it is the capital.. Coz if you say TVM being ignored we will have tons of examples whereTVM had been given government investments in all means during that time.Timez change and if you dont change with time then nothing will happen .. Kochi should develop and whole kerala should develop too .. cheers

  22. Govind R Nair /

    “Kaanz” u knw wat….u uttr absolutly rubbish. Plz grow up man!!! dude don take ur kochi 2 heights. It’ll tumble ovr in a shrt period of tym. U praise kochi as if it is the biggest city in the world!!!! I dont give a shit abt “kochi” unlyk u do!!!! Thn y da hell r u so much intrestd in this site??? it jst talks abt the life in trvandrum. Jst go fnd a kochi site give ur “VALUBLE” info ovrthre :XD

    • I can do that and me doing that too .. i know there is no point in speaking and replying to dumb and dough peoples like you.First of all you are the frog inside the pond and try to come out of that. But whats happening is most of the trivandrum pages related people are using for abusing kochi and its developments .. we cannot withstand that and siometimes we might react.In our sites we kochiites are using it to discuss our development activities and not for gossiping…pinne net arudeyum tharavatu swathonum allallo linkum.. njangal keri nokkinoke irikkum ,, enthu pokitharama ezhutipidippichekunnennu kanende.. you wer talking about some shit. That i need to comment against your place.It is really a shit .. Taking funds generated by other places and investing hugely by government and no outcome!!!That place still looks like your old maharaja’s place.. no change in last 50 years or more,,,

      Iam not taking kochi to heights.. and i d’nt said that kochi is the largest city in the world.I said the reality and if u think kochi is in top then its a fact man how can you deny your own sixth sense..if you does that you are admitting yourself as insane!!!

      And one more thing i need to say is people like you from Trivandrum know only to bluff.. somebody says something with proof and if you think that you cannot comment against that . you guys will lost temper and commend in your own stature.. anyway i will post reality if you bluff again.. you cannot prevent guys like me in doing that…

  23. Govind R Nair /

    bluff??? us??? u r nutsss…. I had already said dumass tht I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THAT STUPID PLACE KOCHI….nattampidiccha sthalam n most of da people knw tht too.. roadil wasteum …yuk da plce even luks so disgusting…go google n u will find tht OUR TRIVANDRUM is the bst place to live in kerala… @ u n kochi brainiacs :P

    • U r a small shit inside that big shit called Trivandrum..u r gone case ithre thara narikalude aduthu replyu cheyyan njangal standerdullavarkku pattilla waste ondavanamnkil althamasam venamedioo allathe aa kattil waste ondavilla kore chanakam kanum .. ente ormayilokke avede kalavandi ondarunnu.. if iam right 10 years munpu vare avede atharunnu sharanam.. athre low class area anu enntta avan kochiye stupid anennu parayunne.. oru karyam orkkanam .road, stadium ennokke pazranju vizhunguimbam onorthal kollam .. athinte simhabhagavum kochinnu generate cheyuunna panamanennu.. allelum ninnepolullavarkkokke enthu nanniya .. palam kadakkuvolam ennu kettittundu .. ithu palam kadakkunnathinumunpe….

  24. ithu thanneya njan nerathe paranje .. he proves like what i said is right.. trivandrum enna shittil ollavanokke utharam muttumbol konjanam kanikkunne tyupe anu eniitu veruthe nammalekkondu parayippikkum .. standard ayitu point by point ittanu njan oro karyavum ithu vare paranjathuu .. ee nari vannu aa chatinde moodum placeinte dignityum kalanju kulichu .. thats all from my side now.. eni ethre koothara varthamanam kondu vannekkaruhthu athokke angu tvmil thanne vechonda mathi

  25. Govind R Nair /

    o paranjuttaalum mathi…kochiyude kaashu polum…o pinne aa onakka kashukondalle nammalokke jeevikkunnnathu…..nintekke koppile mla marum mandhri marum ivade kadannu prasangikkan ariyaam..kondu poppa ee naarikalekke…nammaleyum koode cheethakkan…ninte metroyum kappalum okke notice vidunnathu ellam ivide….theerumanam ellam ivide eennittanu avante oru vaachalam….____Mone, nammale pidichikkan pattula….mon mullipokum :P

  26. metro theerumanam avedennu edukkendeda.. keralathile matellavarum koode aa thalastanam enna free ayittu aa onam keramoolakku koduthe stanam angedukkan povua.. fund varunnathum happenings ellam oru stalathu avanu avede erinnu theerumanikkan oru stalam..pfuu arkkada ithre thalparyuam?? charcha cheyyan aa onakka placinekkal nall international stalangal kochiyilum nearby placesilum ondu .. oudaryamayittu kittya oru thalastanavum vechondu avante oru ahankaram kandillee.keeralathil ippo oru voting capitalinu nadathiyal ninte onakka TVMnu ketti vecha kashu polum kittilla.. pandarkko thonniya oru vivarakedu .. allathenthu parayana


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